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          Green light dream, passion dancing youth-- Report the first football match in Porton(Jiangxi)

          Author:Jiangxi Porton   Time:2021-08-21 

                 Green light dream, passion dancing youth. On the morning of August 21, 2021, Porton(Jiangxi) the first Football Match was held as scheduled in Fengxin County Tiangong Park football field. Each departments have responded, a total of more than 30 people participated, The competition is divided into two groups: One Qinghua team consists of the technical department and the quality department, one Chaoyue team consists of the production department EHS department and other departments. In addition, this competition also organized soccer baby to cheer for our soccer players, adding a beautiful scenery for the game!


                 The match is divided into two halves, each half is divided into two quarters, each quarter is 20 minutes, The referee explained the rules at length before the game began, The players on the field are full of confidence, can't wait to show style on the field.

                 With the music played, the game began with an energetic, ebullient performance of soccer baby cheerleading gymnastics,At the beginning of the game, both sides play more conservative, in the exploratory stage, as both sides get to know the style of play, the game began to heat up. The players of Qinghua team are good at their feet,Whether it is to grab the ball or pass kick, attack, imposing manner, soon won the first point on the field, Immediately beyond the team players nervous up, rest time we get together to discuss the adjustment of tactics, In order to deal with the strong attack of Qinghua team, Outside the cheering squad is also full of passion, cheering and shouting for their team players, , the scene atmosphere is very warm.

                 As the weather turns hot, the players are still enthusiastic, Display the cooperation and tacit understanding of the team, The field always launched a climax, cheerleaders and the audience repeatedly cheered, After a fierce competition of 2 hours, Qinghua team defeated Chaoyue team 11:4 won the championship.

                 Through this activity, not only enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, but also improve their enthusiasm for sports and participate in physical exercise, Besides, it also enhanced the mutual communication and team cooperation among employees, and showed the vigorous spirit of Porton (Jiangxi) , More highlights our Porton never give up, brave fighting spirit!