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                It has a provincial enterprise technology center——Technology Center of Porton Pharma (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. The technology Center now covers more than 600m2 and has many research and development equipment, including drug stability test chamber, infrared spectrometer, double glass reaction kettle, G.C., HPLC., portable gas detector, automatic gyroscope, automatic moisture titration instrument and a number of advanced R & D and testing equipment, which can fully guarantee the smooth implementation of research and development activities of the center. The technical Center has built a scientific research team with doctor's degree, master's degree and bachelor's degree, which gathers high-tech personnel from various majors such as biotechnology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering and process, the personnel structure is reasonable, the professional is complete, the personnel age structure is reasonable, the main backbone is young and vigorous, is a vigorous and has the very strong fighting force team.


                Meanwhile, the technology center of Porton Pharma (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. also has the strong support from other R&D centers of Porton, including Shanghai R&D Center, Chongqing R&D Center, Chengdu R&D Center and US R&D center. It has its own unique advantages in process optimization, API project development, enzyme catalysis, development and application of new technology and new process, process safety evaluation and so on.